From your power drill to your
treadmill, your copier to your computer, and the comfort of your chair...

Commercial Plastics is designing, molding and assembling the plastic parts that make life better.


Participation and Responsibility:

         With early involvement during a product's conception, CPC works in concert with the designer, manufacturing engineer, toolmaker, machine manufacturer, and material supplier to complete the entire project from concept to market.
         As a qualified supplier, we can source non-plastics components, manufacture finished assemblies and products, perform quality assurance, and ship the finished products to the end user.

Integrated operations for superior productivity:

        Our manufacturing cells can integrate many operations, such as insert loading, assembly, decorating, quality testing, and handling for shipping.  All our presses are equipped with gas-assist, which will improve dimensional stability, reduce part weight, improve surface finish, and assist large-part production, functional integration, and low-pressure processing.

Concept to Market FASTER:

        From rapid prototyping to production tooling we are capable of making anything from a few prototypes to market-introduction quantities to full-scale production volumes.



Molding Capabilities
• Horizontal and Vertical Injection
• Single & Two-Shot Injection Molding
• Co-Injection, Twin-Shot Injection
• Extrusion Molding
• Compression/transfer Molding
• Structural Foam Molding
• Gas Assist Molding
• Insert Molding
• Small to Large Tonnage (65ton to 2000ton)
• All Thermo Plastic Materials

Decorating & Assembly Services
• Full Part & Packaging Assembly
• Hot Stamping
• Pad Printing
• Silk Screening
• Heat Sealing
• Heat Transfer
• In-Mold Decorating

Machining Services
• Sonic Welding
• Parts Bonding
• Milling
• CNC Machining
• Drilling
• Tapping

• Fully Equipped Tool-Room

Material Handling
• 5 Silos able to house 844,000 lbs. total
• Custom Underground Material system
• Direct material from silo to machine system
• Railroad Direct Access

Inventory Management Services
• Just-in-Time Delivery
• Kanban
• Dock-to-Stock
• Freight Management
• Central Location

Sustainable plastics made from renewable resources

The Blend
Our BLEND is made from a blended plant based PLA (polylactic acid) polymer and our polymer additives.  We take the PLA which has a biobased content of 100%, then add 18% strengthen agents to make the material strong enough to pass contract standards, then 4% color pigment + UV protection (for weather and color fading resistance). 
The 18% strengthening agent additives are made up of multiple polymers that also allow for the material to be processed by injection molding.   This gives us a bio-based content of 78%, which we hope to raise the bio-content to 88% by the end of 2011.
We continue to push the plant based biopolymer technology every day to raise the bio-content to achieve more of a sustainable polymer.  Bioplastics are a "green" and sustainable alternative to traditional plastics, and are created using renewable resources like corn, tapioca, potatoes, sugar and algae.
In 2008, we outfitted our entire 105,000 sq ft facility with new lighting using 60% less energy. Our 20+ acres not used for manufacturing, we have outsource to be farmed for more than 10 years.  Lean Manufacturing principles are maintained by Commercial Plastics Company's ISO 9001:2008 certification.  ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world's largest developer and publisher of International Standards for business, government and society. ISO is a network of the national standards institutes of 157 countries, one member per country, with a Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland.


• Bioplastics
• Appliances
• Contract Furniture
• Electrical
• Aerospace

• Medical
• Building/Construction
• Foodservice
• Hand & Power Tools
• Point-of-Purchase

• Consumer goods
• Water Filtration
• Lawn & Garden
• Lighting
• Industrial



Commercial Plastics Company

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